Please comment with memories of Steve.

Mary Ann Burgeson
05/19/2013 7:44pm

We have known Steve since he and our son Steve became best of friends at Carleton. He was just a super guy that we all loved. He used to count the pictures on our Christmas cards and tease me if there were more of one grandchild than another assuring our Steve that I really loved our daughter more, what a guy! I was actually going to put his picture on this year's card and surprise him. He was the kind of guy you couldn't help but love and want to be with. I am devastated by this and want to send my support, love and prayers to dear Lisa, the girls and especially his parents. They had every right to be so proud of this wonderful son. You are all in our prayers, Mary Ann and Glenn Burgeson

Bill Miller
05/20/2013 12:34pm

Quite simply the best in every respect. He was my doctor for nearly 20 years. He saved my life with a quick and accurate diagnosis of acute appendicitis, as well as attending to more hypochondriacal complaints. It is hard to believe that anyone could see as many people, be as careful and attentive, take time to be friendly, always explain to you what the was going on, and never keep one waiting. And chances were that he was "playing through a lot more pain" than you were enduring when you went to see him, given his joint replacement surgeries in the past few years and other serious health problems, of which, of course, he never said a word, but you found out from others. He set a standard that few could live up to. It just might be the case that Ann Arbor lost the one person responsible for doing more palpable good than anyone else in this community. He is and will be irreplaceable.

Eric Straka
05/20/2013 2:28pm

My colleague, fellow Burns Park Player, and friend. Steve was that rare individual who you could call when you really needed help and he would be there for you--and then REALLY make a difference in your life. It is truly amazing how many lives he touched and how many people benefited from knowing him. So many wonderful memories of him in person, on stage, at the gym, and at BPP parties. He took wonderful care of my Step-Father Sherman Funk and my entire family will be forever grateful. We are all devastated. Ann Arbor lost one of its very best. My heart goes out to Lisa and the family.

Ann Manatt
05/20/2013 3:53pm

Please also see the comments on the facebook group page. We have almost 400 people on there!

Sylvia Funk
05/20/2013 5:23pm

I still can't wrap my head around the fact that I will never again talk to Steve or see his smiling face. Steve was my husband Sherman's physician from the moment we moved to Ann Arbor in early 2001. He was not only fantastic with Sherman throughout his struggles with Alzheimer's but also of immense support to me in all major decisions I had to make along the way. As busy as he was, emails were answered usually within 30 minutes, and phone calls promptly. I will never forget Steve coming to Sherman's 80th birthday party just to congratulate him; he could not stay for dinner, but he came over anyway. And, of course, whenever I saw Steve, we talked about the Burns Park Players. The last I saw him was this past February when I attended BPP's production of Anything Goes. He came over with Lisa to say hello, happy to be walking on his new hip. We spoke for a few minutes, he waved to my son Eric, who was watching us from the orchestra pit, and then the lights started to flicker announcing the start of the show. Oh, how I wish we could have talked for much, much longer. My heart and thoughts are with Lisa, Alexandra and Kelsey, and his parents, during these incredibly sad days. This is an immense loss for all of those who knew and loved Steve. He was an amazing human being; a true mensch!

Jeffrey Post
05/20/2013 5:27pm

I would never be able to thank Steve enough for the extraordinary care and compassion that he gave to my mother and father. He had such a gift for making them feel ok, and for making even the most challenging conversations seem simple and straightforward. For me, there was never a grin wider, heart bigger, or voice stronger than Steve's on stage with me at BPP. Got a dance move - Steve was sure to master it! I am so blessed to have known him and to watch his amazing talents soar. My family and I send our prayers and love to Lisa and the family.

Jen Baird
05/20/2013 7:14pm

Steve was an extraordinary physician. My mother first introduced me to him 12 years ago and I have never felt so cared about and important. One of my fondest memories of Steve was when he called me on my cell phone to ask me why I hadn't been to see him for too long -- and then he wouldn't let me off the phone with a promise to "make an appointment". Instead he insisted on making a date right now! At that moment, I felt like there was someone who really cared about how I was doing and about improving my health status and my life. He was so incredibly responsive, so sharp diagnostically and so clear and complete in his care that I cannot imagine life without him. Over time our relationship grew beyond just physician-patient to the point that I considered him a friend. He advised me on so many different topics and was so exceptional that I just kept referring my friends to him. I cannot imagine how he managed to see so many patients so exceptionally well. The world has lost an incredible man and I am still walking around in a daze trying to wrap my head around the idea of life without him. Thank you, Steve, for being who you were/are. Thank you for all the good things you contributed to our community and for all the extraordinary ways you touched so many people. My heart and prayers extend to all those you've left behind and who are aching with your loss.

Carol Clyde
05/20/2013 7:36pm

I'm so honored and happy that I can call Steve a friend. Through our years at Burns Park, Tappan, and Huron with our girls, during our times on stage together, and at parties that lasted well into the morning, Steve was always the friendly smile and happy laugh that just made your day better. I don't know how the BP Players will be able to get through rehearsals without Steve doling out Spree....he always saved the orange ones for me! :-) My heart goes out to Lisa, Alex, and Kelsey. May your wonderful memories carry you through this excruciatingly difficult time.

Kathleen Swalwell
05/21/2013 8:33am

My heart goes out to Steve's family. I'm so sorry for the vacancy that this tragic death has left in your hearts. I only hope that time and fond memories will help to soften the blow to make living bearable.

You will all be in my prayers.

05/21/2013 8:49am

I have no beautiful stories to share of Dr. Gradwohl and his private life. I knew him as the best doctor I had been blessed to meet. We shared recipes-kid stories and he treated me as if I were his only patient. When we moved south of Toledo-I did not change doctors. Dr. Gradwohl was so compassionate and caring-he once said I had given him 1/3 of his practice when he was starting out at Briarwood because of recommendations. He always called me with test results and one time, with him knowing I was the cook for the priests, gave me my test results and then asked me to email him a pork recipe- I said wait a minutes,,if I lead you to sin-the sin is greater for me-he laughed and said his wife was Catholic and they had enough guilt for the world. I loved that man, he went through some tough times with me. He was so proud of his daughters and even excited when they got their golden retriever And he rarely forgot to ask about our grandchildren. We had a standing challenge in ping pong. I'm so very sorry for your loss Mrs. gradwhol-you had a great man for a husband.

Harding H Macdona Jr
05/21/2013 9:29am

Steve and I played together in the Michigan State Doubles Championship in Ann Arbor in 1998. Through the years Steve was always an avid racquet player whether it was racquetball or paddleball.
I enjoyed my time on and off the court with him. Although he was not my primary doctor he was there for me when ever I had a medical concern or question. He will be missed by many!

Dan V. Snedecor, Jr.
05/21/2013 10:34am

I met Dr. Steve Gradwohl playing racketball and paddleball. He was such a great individual, I immediately asked him if he would be my physician. He accepted and I never regretted his service to me. He was a very formidable opponent in both racketball and paddleball, but always a gentleman on the court.

There are no words that I can say that will help the family through this loss. The outpouring of comments shows that Steve made an impact on everyone that got to meet him. He will be missed by many.

Marc Weiser
05/21/2013 11:14am

Steve was a true mensch and a teacher to all of us. I'm lucky to have been his patient and wether it was in his office or at a hockey game together, there was always something meaningful to be learned from conversations with him. Now, even though he is gone, I am still learning from him through reading the experiences that others have shared. He left the world a better place for having been in it. My thoughts and deepest sympathies are with his family.

Ellen Moloney
05/21/2013 11:45am

My husband and I were both his patients, and I can truly say we loved him. He always made us feel like the most important patients he had; never rushed through appointments. And he had a great sense of humor, besides. Also, he gave me the secret for his Thanksgiving Turkey - bacon!

Pamela Maddox
05/21/2013 11:58am

Dr. Gradwohl was one of my doctors at Briarwood Medical Center. I loved seeing in and this particular time, I went in because I was having foot problems. He asked me what happen and I told him I must have hurt it while running. He said, "Pam, you run?" I said, Yes, Dr. Gradwohl are you shocked I run because I am a BIG girl!!! He said that is not what I meant and we had quite the laugh about it!! He will truly be missed!!!

Ellen Moloney
05/21/2013 1:21pm

I went to SEG and asked him about some dry patches of skin on my shoulder and back. I can't remember what he said it was (some medical term, nothing serious.). I followed up with, "Why am I getting these things now?". SEG bent down and whispered into my ear, "Because you're getting older.". I had a great belly-laugh! He smiled with that wise smile of his. He was smart, funny, and very wise

05/21/2013 1:39pm

Hahaha, I had similar experiences with him. He's treated me from age 27 to 37 and I remember crying to him about a dark spot on his face. He looked at me with a healthy dose of humor and said "that will happen as you get older."

Patricia Melnick
05/21/2013 12:18pm

He truly was God's gift to his friends, family, colleagues, and patients. It is a great loss and there is a hole in my heart now.

David Muzzatti
05/21/2013 12:25pm

Steven was my physician for my first 10 years here in the United States. We had a mutual love of U of M Hockey & I would occasionally see him at Yost Ice Arena. My sincere condolences to Steven's family & I will most assuredly pay my respects at the Michigan Union on Thursday.

05/21/2013 1:43pm

I'm admittedly a bit of a hypochondriac, so I perhaps saw Dr. Gradwohl more than most healthy people see their doctor. I was frequently sheepish about going in, knowing I was probably being silly. Once, when I expressed my embarrassment he basically said something along the lines of that's what he's there for: to check things out. It was reassuring. He also had a good laugh about some of the stuff I would find online in my obsessive googling of all manner of medical symptoms. In fact the last thing he ever said to me, in playful exasperation was "the internet!"

Kayleen Coady Catus
05/21/2013 2:24pm

As we can all see, Steve touched so many people...broad reaching. I can still see his big old grin and that jet black hair back when we were in grade school. Our group from Crawford has a great life long bond and Steve was integral in forming that bond...always touching base and keeping in touch with us over the past 30 years. He will be deeply missed. Love to the families!

Bill Barrie
05/21/2013 2:42pm

Steve was a great man, always a good friend, ready to contribute to any effort. I will miss our golf matches. Steve was always a leader, could cut through madness and see the right way to get things done. I will always be grateful for the care he gave my father. I think sending your dad as a patient just about says it all in terms of what you think of a person. My thoughts and prayers are with Steve's family. Bill

Michelle Melis
05/22/2013 6:44am

Dr. Gradwohl was my Dr. of choice when not able to see my PCP, Dr. Terrell. I will remember the humor and compassion with which he treated his patients. He like to deal with the "weird stuff" and that seemed to be a common, jesting description of him around the office. While I didn't know half of the wonderful things I have read about Dr. Gradwohl's life, it does not surprise me he was such a diverse and well thought of individual. My heart and condolences go out to the family and friends.

Jeremy Taylor
05/22/2013 7:20am

I played tennis with Steve regularly in the summer for the last few years, usually doubles. I well remember his greeting of "How you doing, Buddy". He had a particularly good backhand return of serve, but he would frequently chip back his forehand rather ineffectively, much to his annoyance. He had a good serve too. He was definitely an aggressive player on the court, sometimes charging to the net recklessly even when the opponent were about to hit a hard shot right at him. When you were playing on the court with Steve it was never quiet, but always a lot of fun. I will miss you Steve.

Clement Ren
05/22/2013 7:34am

Steve and I were med school classmates, and remained in touch throughout the years. I am still in shock over this news. I will miss him greatly and offer the greatest sympathy to Lisa and his daughters.

Rob Alexander
05/22/2013 7:35am

I was a Carleton Classmate of Steve's from 1979-1983 and a friend ever since. We helped each other make it through 2 terms of Organic Chemistry, blood, sweat and tears - and humor. Steve and I coped by writing a cartoon strip in our notes each week of "The Adventures of Mr. Benzene Head (ala Mr. Potato Head) and his Pal Moiety". Still puts a smile on my face today. Steve worked hard and played hard. Keen mind, great big heart packed into a dynamo of a tight frame. We played alot of ultimate frisbee together back in the day and remember him for his tight, accurate and hard throws. And his invention of several styles of colorful "frisbee helmuts" (bandanas). I think of Steve as a meteor - went through life hot, but left us way too quickly. Rest in peace Stevo!!

05/22/2013 9:10am

We were so happy when our niece, Lisa married Steve. They were two
kindred spirits come together. Steve was so kind and compassionate
when our daughter, Laura was at Henry Ford Hospital. He called with
comforting advice during that sad, fearful time. He was an enigma in
our Mann family and will always be remembered in a very special
and unique way. With sad hearts, Uncle Jim and Aunt Julie

Angela Bendorf Jamison
05/22/2013 1:28pm

My memories of Steve are from our days at Ames High School where he was the cool big brother of my friend Jane Gradwohl Nash. He was a fun guy and we looked up to him. Steve always had a smile on his face and was very friendly and approachable, unlike many of the senior guys who were very intimidating to us sophomore girls. When I learned from Jane he was studying to be a doctor, I thought it was the perfect profession for him and how lucky his patients would be. My sympathy to Steve's immediate family --Lisa and his daughters--and to his sisters Jane and Kathy and his mom and dad as well as everyone else who came to know and love him.

The Schafer Family
05/22/2013 6:55pm

We did not know Steve personally but heard many stories about him from his sister Jane Nash. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Gradwohl Family

05/23/2013 3:09am

I'm a medical student at the University of Michigan and I had the privilege of being a student in Dr. Gradwohl's clinic as part of my internal medicine rotation. He was a wonderful teacher and I loved learning from him and from his interaction with his patients. Many thoughts to his family on behalf of the many students who have passed through his clinic.

Nancy Cox
05/23/2013 5:18am

Fond hockey memories with Steve, Lisa and Kelsey.
Always questioning the calls believing that his comprehension of the rules ( albeit very subjective) should be heard and appreciated by the umpires. Parents in the near vicinity smiling and subtly hushing Steve as well.
Always smiling, always positively advocating for the success of his team.
Crazy shirts - not certain I've seen a parent wear such crazy, colorful shirts to hockey matches?
A wonderful and supportive hockey parent with the best interests of all young people on the field.
On the physician side referring his patients to our program and encouragement to patients like I've not quite seen by others.
Blessed to have been touched by Steve.
May the warmth and love of all those who so dearly love Steve buoy Alex, Kelsey and Lisa.

Gail Ganske Ross
05/23/2013 8:38am

My sincere sympathy extended to the Gradwohl and Mann families.
It was my honor to have known such a great person. Over the last couple of days I have told my 2 daughters numerous times...."You need to know...this guy was funny, smart, respectful, worked hard....bottom line...did everything the right way and lived life to the fullest." Our family has done probably over 30 community theatre productions over the from one theatre family to another/the Gradwohls..."Take a bow provided a star performance and so deserve a standing ovation."
Gail Ganske Ross/Randy Ross/Mary Pat and Josie Ross

Jodi Kennedy Stanfield
05/23/2013 9:50am

My memories of Dr. Gradwohl, he was full of life, smiles, laughter and cherful nature that he shared with everyone. Much comfort and caring thoughts to his wife, girls and family, his embrace of life will be never forgotten.

Mary Zizza
05/23/2013 11:44am

Dear Dr. Gradwohl, How will I get along without your straightforward black and white comments? You emailed me on Memorial Day last year when I was having problems! I didn't expect to hear from you until the next business day. I first met you at M-CARE where you attended meetings with the Medical Directors; that was about 17 years ago. I didn't realize I had known you for that long. I am so happy for your wife to have the wonderful memories of Paris you told Bob about. You will be missed. Our Sympathy. Mary and Bob

Monte Montgomery
05/23/2013 12:34pm

It's still incomprehensible to me that I was excitedly talking with Steve last Friday night about getting together for tennis the minute his surgery healed. I even extracted a promise to teach me the secrets of his astonishing overhead.

Years ago I asked him how it got so damned good. "Practice," he said. "You mean, just doing lob/overhead drills for hours?" "I don't have to drill," he laughed. "Look at how tall I am. Do you have any idea how many guys have tried to lob me?"

Marjorie Bolgos
05/23/2013 12:48pm

Steve will truly be missed by us paddleball players at One on One.

Ellen Jones
05/23/2013 1:16pm

I only really know Steve through my dear friend, Jane, his sister who adored him. The whole Gradwohl family is one of the finest I've ever known. My prayers are with all of them as they go forward. I hope the memories they cherish will comfort them now and forever.

Jim Owens
05/23/2013 1:50pm

On behalf of local paddleball players and the National Paddleball Association, I wish to express sincere condolences to the Gradwohl family. Steve was a talented paddleball player, extremely intense and competitive but fair. He seamlessly transitioned between racquetball and paddleball.

Many of our local players called Steve their doctor. Several of us sought and received free advice from him between and after games at One on One. He was well rounded and knowledgeable of several subjects. His opinion was highly valued. Steve Gradwohl garnered respect.

Many paddleball players and friends have expressed their shock and sadness over this tragedy; Steve was a valued friend.

Personally, I value the numerous times Steve and I competed on the paddleball court. He was always fun to play. When I made a good shot, I learned to prepare for a terrific get. Steve was fast and never gave up.

Steve, an extremely well conditioned individual, could regularly be found at the One on One Athletic Club around noon during the week. When I walk into the club mid-day, I am sure I will continue to think of this fine individual and the numerous conversations we had before, during, and after a workout or a game. Steve was a valued friend.

Jim Owens
NPA President

Tammara Smith
05/23/2013 2:13pm

Dr. G. as I always called him was my doctor since the late 90's. He has watched all 3 of my kids grow up and every time he would see me in the office, he would greet me "how are you my friend and how are those kids?" He was very personable. I was also being treated by other specialties but he would always want to know what was going on and if they weren't able to see me, he would find the time to get me into his clinic. He will be missed!!!

Jim Sterken
05/23/2013 2:50pm

I still can't believe it. Steve was my friend, my doctor, and one of the best paddleball players in the area. As a doctor, I greatly appreciated his dedication, his humor, his expertise, and his straight forward style. Just a few months ago at my yearly physical I talked to Steve about how, while I'm healthy and retired now, over the next ten or twenty years I would inevitably get some serious health issue, and when that happened I wanted him to be the one to guide me through it because I knew he could do that better than anyone else... We'll all miss him greatly. I still can't believe it.

Donald E. Arvidson
05/23/2013 3:10pm

Dr. Gradwohl has been my primary care doctor & Internist since 2001. I came to him post-surgery from another hospital. Dr. Gradwohl instantly recognized another intervention was required, STAT, and I was sent via EMS from his office to U of M HS. I was dying, and a day later made it though a surgery with an esteemed colleague--CABGx4. That was to begin a series of interventions necessary to save my life, and Dr. Gradwhol stayed with me through so many complex conditions. I was penniless--having crashed and burned on Vancouver Island in 2000, and there was never payment required; Insurance remained pending for a couple of years and, by goodness, he enabled me to transition to disability from the clinical practice of psychology. Dr. Gradwohl saw me often, as I was quite fragile at times, and he (et al at U of M) never hesitated delivering care. Spot appointments were accommodated--can still see him running between two rooms as he was very booked--though still willing to see me. He is without parallel vis-a'-vis others' I've worked with; I've been blessed in knowing him, and consider "Dr. Gradwohl" to be family. Though devastated with grief, I can barely contemplate the morning his family must be going through. My prayers are with you all. It has been an absolute privilege knowing this person; doubtless he'll never leave my thoughts. I bow with what grace and humility I can muster. With condolences to all, donald e. arvidson

Luke Tracy
05/23/2013 5:50pm

I've been a patient of Dr. Gradwohl's for more than 10 years. The exact number escapes me. I've had a fair few medical issues over those years and I spent a lot of time in his office. He treated me with stern respect, never failing to remind me of the things I could do to take control of my health, and compassionate and at my side when there was little I could do. It took him a while but he finally got through my thick skull and I whipped myself into shape. Every run since Saturday has reminded me of that. I never ran with him, but he will always run with me.

I hesitate to call him a friend, only after reading about so many people much more fortunate than I to know him so much more intimately. But I am still deeply saddened. It's hard to imagine how painful this is for all of you. My deepest sympathies for his family and all of you, his friends.

I do have to share that if he had a brief second or two to realize what was happening, I firmly believe his last words were a resigned, "Oh crap." :'-)

Maya Bunik Babiak
05/23/2013 9:14pm

Many of us who met at Carleton College managed to share the tremendous gift of a lifelong friendship with Steve—his smile, his energy and his ‘can do’ attitude. He had this intensity about everything and it was contagious. He always made me feel that he was so genuinely happy to see me with a hug, a ‘hey maya papaya’ and a sense that ‘we are going to have fun no matterwhat’!

It is almost 30 years ago now, Steve and I shared a favorite regular off campus Chinese spot in our small Northfield college town and we had a tradition that we treated ourselves to ‘non-food plan’ garlic Mandarin fried noodles every few weeks. There Steve would be my both advisor and friend--we talked about the premed path--he was one year ahead--or others strategies for classes or about my romances at the time. He was straightforward and steadfast no matter the topic. Over the years, I do not think I had a superficial conversation with him ever. When our families lived in San Francisco together and his two daughters were little, we continued to have wonderful meals together and even Thanksgiving. My husband John and he would love to talk Thai seasonings and stir up something delicious. We shared a love of medicine—the privilege of caring for patients, reading and cheering for our children in competitive sports.

I cannot believe he is gone and that we are not all going to see each other grow old.

I am grateful for wonderful plan to livestream the memorial this evening. I am so sorry I could not be there.
I so admire Lisa's strength and her words to her daughters. I am sure
that Steve is smiling down on you. May your memories be a comfort as you make your 'Tear Soup'.
With deepest sympathy and prayers Maya (John and family)

Marc Abraham Drexler
05/23/2013 9:21pm

Steve was my first friend. I remember my mother telling me my best friend was coming back from Germany that day, and having no idea who he was; I must have been three, and Steve two. But he was--best friend and close as a brother for ten years, through junior high school, when sixteen months age difference and two grades caused us to hang out with different crowds and drift apart.

I can't think about my childhood without thinking about Steve. We pried pretty rocks from the asphalt in nursery school, raised caterpillars together, played football, raced hotwheels, ate at each others houses, rooted mostly for the same teams, saw ISU Gymnastic meets and football games together, and shared parade candy and cherry pies at Veishea. I was the weird kid in elementary school, ignored or teased, and I never cared. I had one friend I never had to worry about or be anything but myself for.

Dave and Hanna were the best parents I knew, and from Steve's family I learned what a happy family was like. Everybody loved Steve. His sense of humor made everything fun. We even forgave him when he replaced the sugar with salt one April 1st in the Gradwohl kitchen and Hanna used that "sugar" to make all the macaroons for the congregation seder. Hanna was so angry that day, but still couldn't tell the story without laughing. It is no surprise that he became such a great parent himself.

My heartfelt condolences to Dave and Hanna and Jane and Kathy, and to Lisa and Alex and Kelsey.

I don't know who I would have become if it weren't for Steve's huge influence on my life, but I wouldn't have turned out nearly so well. The acts of goodness he performed and the hearts of those who will cherish his memory will keep Steven Ernst Gradwohl alive longer than some who live to be 100.

05/24/2013 11:40am

What a beautiful, touching tribute to Dr. Gradwohl last night. I almost feel like I don't have the right to be so upset about his passing as I was "just his patient." But I'm heartbroken and pissed quite frankly that this happened to such a wonderful person who was clearly needed by many, not the least of which were his family and friends. And woe to those doctors that have to treat seg's previous patients. I simply don't know how I'll find another primary care physician that comes close to giving me the peace of mind and caring he did. Just about this time last year I was in his office crying, and he took care of me. I don't want another doctor. I want Dr. Gradwohl to still be here lighting up all of our lives.

Santosh Mehta
05/24/2013 4:27pm

Dr. Gradwohl was my primary care physician when I lived in Ann Arbor. In addition to being a great physician, he was an amazing human being. He took great interest in my life and how he could enhance it.
I remember his love for Indian food. He loved cilantro "chutney" and I used to bring it to him every time I saw him. One day, I clearly remember he said "Santosh, I want to learn how to make the chutney".
He came to my house to learn the chutney and we had an Indian meal that day. I clearly remember that day and will cherish the memory.
I will never forget his kindness, his big smile, his genuine personality and his caring attitude.
My condolences to both families.

Santosh Mehta (San Antonio)

Michael Mattes
05/25/2013 12:43am

Katherine and I met Steve and Lisa through an interfaith couples group while living in San Francisco -- 25 years ago now. We have cherished our friendship, and cannot quite comprehend this news. It has filled us with despair.

Steve was, as so many have observed in so many ways, warm, wonderful, funny, intelligent, and a rock-solid friend, father, and husband. Our hearts ache for Lisa, Alex and Kelsey.

pam tabbaa
05/27/2013 6:09pm

We first met Steve through the Burns Park Players, then BP (Kelsey and Zeyna were together from kindergarten to 5th grade graduation), coaching, bp park events/runs (kelsey and zeyna were the fastest in the entire grade--not just girls, but Kelsey ALWAYS came in first with Zeyna a close 2nd), etc. etc. Somewhere along the line Steve became Yasser's doctor. 7 years ago Yasser moved to the Middle East and we soon joined him. A few years later Yasser had a serious health scare and I panicked. We had no records with us, and no history. I emailed Steve and miraculously (although after hearing so many other accounts maybe not--but just part of Steve's special gift for caring) he got back to me immediately, contacted the specialist he had referred Yasser to in A2, sent records, 'held my hand', answered my questions, etc. etc. and got us both through a difficult time even though he was in A2 and we were in Amman Jordan. We finally moved back to A2 last summer, and Yasser was able to see Steve not long ago for a check up. He has been in Iraq, but I sent him the news when I learned about it last Monday. When we finally spoke, Yasser was incredulous and said he had so enjoyed seeing him and had been looking forward to working with him to get his health on track and to also get to know him more as a friend.
What a loss--for us, for his friends, for the community, for medicine, and especially for his family. Our hearts and thoughts are with Lisa and the girls. We all miss his smile, his caring, his enthusiasm, and all of his other special qualities more eloquently expressed than I could at his very moving memorial service. None of us will ever forget him. Thank you Lisa for sharing him and allowing him to touch so many lives.

Lisa Zaslow Segelman
05/28/2013 7:53am

I didn't know Steve personally but from everything I've read he seems to have been a wonderful person, doctor, husband, father, son brother and friend. I am a good friend of his sister Jane, even though we only met twice. The first time she was speaking at a book signing in Philadelphia for the book in which she's featured, "The Girls from Ames," which my brother Jeff wrote. The second time we met, not too long after, was at my own brother's funeral, a tragic death like Steve's from a car accident. Jane was so supportive of me and of our family that it waas clear she came from an amazing family. We became friends because she felt she had to check up on my often. I am so saddened that she and his wife and daughters, parents siblings and family have to assume this pain for a senseless death. My heart goes out to all of them as they try and accept what has happened. May Steve's soul be bound up in the bonds of eternal life, and may his memory be for a blessing.

Jim Winslow
05/28/2013 8:40am

Steve was my PCP for the last several years. I echo the thoughts of so many when I say that he put me at ease, was always on time, and truly listened to me. I enjoyed seeing him at One on One many lunchtimes. He always had a "hey bud" for me. I will miss seeing the red Cabrio in the parking lot. One of my favorite memories was a couple of years ago when he walked into the exam room with his arm in a sling after having shoulder surgery and said, "It's your lucky day bud, I can't do your prostate exam today." I am praying for comfort and peace for your family.

Wendy Roberts
05/30/2013 9:03am

I feel very lucky to have known Steve Gradwohl. I was his patient and colleague of his wife. Steve's ability to put people at ease, connect with them, and give sincere and accurate advice with humor was amazing. As a physician myself, I realize how difficult this can be, but he made it look easy. I always wished I could follow him around for a day at work in order to learn how to emulate him. What a loss for the community, for his friends, for his patients and, most importantly for Lisa, Alex and Kelsey. My heart breaks for you. May it provide some small solace to know that he will never be forgotten and how many lives he touched in so many ways. He was truly one of a kind.

Julie Halpert
07/11/2013 11:13am

I happened upon this guest book when I googled "Steve Gradwohl." I needed to call his office to get my son's immunization's records and I had to remind myself again that he is gone. Steve held so many important places in our family's lives. He was a dear friend to Scott and I and an incredible doctor to Scott and my son. He is a true embodiment of the importance of living life to the fullest, staying positive and embracing everything good that came his way. The many ways he touched the lives of those he knew were a testament to his bright spirit. I know that spirit will live on in his precious children, Alex and Kelsey, and be kept alive by his wonderful wife, Lisa, who we also feel privileged to call our friend. We will be there for all of you -- now and in the future.

07/12/2013 10:06am

I was another of the thousands of Steve's patients, and I am still thinking of him, hence this visit here and to the Facebook page. (I hope the Facebook page stays up a long time--it is a wonderful site!) Didn't learn of his passing until a month afterwards, and was really jolted. He was one of those amazing people who inspire those around him, and not by being perfect or even trying to be perfect. Someone at the AA memorial used the word "ornery" in reference to Steve, and I smiled when I heard it. Yes, he was ornery at times, in his own inimitable way. He was always himself. We miss you, man!

09/02/2014 12:21am

I feel very lucky to known Steve Gradwohl,and Gradwohl was so compassionate and caring-he once said I had given him 1/3 of his practice when he was starting out at Briarwood because of recommendations.

10/31/2014 6:46pm

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